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Utah Foothills Summer Beach League

Utah Foothills Summer Beach League

Salt Lake City, Utah
June 10 - July 22, 2021

Summer Beach League Information

Dates: Thursday, June 10 - Thursday , July 22, 2021.  Every Thursday.  Games from 3-8pm (Generally youngest to oldest for time of day.) 

Divisions : 19U Boys • 19U Girls •  16U Boys •13U Mix • Mixed Masters

COVID: Please scroll down and review COVID POLICY in its entirety before requesting entry into the tournament. 

Format: 8 teams per division.  7 games round robin then championship game on July 22.  8 athletes on each team.

Play: 4 on 4 (3 field + goalie).  FINA BEACH RULES APPLY Mix teams must have 2 boys and 2 girls in play at all times. 

Age: Age as of 8/1/2021

League Fee: $ 360 per team ($45 per athlete) register with you buddies or if you want to be placed on a team we can help.  

Vibe: Super fun and chill, music will be rolling, maybe a little BBQ in the parking lot.  

Awards: Top three in each division will receive awards



Ball Size  
12U Two 10 minute halves 3  
14U Two 10 minute halves 4  
18U Girls Two 10 minute halves 4


18U Boys Two 10 minute halves 5


One full time per half per team. 

Ties in regulation will be broken by beach shootout.

For group play 4 pts win, 3 pts, SO win, 2pts SOL, 1 pt loss.

Ties in points will go to head to head play, then goals against to break ties. 

Current League Capacity

Division Confirmed Teams
13U Mixed 3 of 8
16U Boys 3 of 8
19U Boys 2 of 8
19U Girls 2 of 8

Mixed Master

2 of 8


Pool Locations:

Facility   Address Map
Olympus High School   4055 S. 2300 E Salt Lake City, Utah 8412 Map Link

Live Streaming: Games will be live streamed by Game On Live Studio for your parents and fans.  

Host: Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Entry Process: Please email League Director Shawn Stringham directly.  See contact information below. 

League Director: Shawn Stringham • • 801-918-5021

Sanction: League fully sanctioned by USA Water Polo.  All athletes must be Bronze members.  Full roster check and compliance are mandatory. 

Watch a little beach polo action!

Game On Live Studio will be streaming all the games and courses!

COVID Policy for League Participation

Thank you for consideration in participating in this League. The following guidelines will be in place and will be strictly followed.

League Play:

  • These guidelines apply to Beach League games regardless of location. 
  • Athletes, coaches, and referees must sign the USA Water Polo COVID-19 Return to Play Release and Waiver through their USAWP Membership portal prior to participating in any practice or game. Athletes and coaches will not be eligible to be on a verified roster/scoresheet unless this has been signed.
  • No one is allowed to enter the facility if experiencing any of these symptoms – Fever over 100.4, cough, trouble breathing, chest congestion, sudden change in taste or smell, muscle aches and pains.
  • Symptom checks, including temperature, must be completed on all athletes and coaches prior to every game. Each team is expected to record this information on score sheet before turning it into table.
  • Each club must ensure contact information for each athlete is current and ensure attendance is tracked.
  • Face coverings are required by everyone at all times with the following exceptions:
    •  Athletes while in the pool.
    • Referees while actively refereeing during a game.
  • Six feet physical distancing from others not in the same household required whenever possible.
  • Minimize contact with surfaces, door handles, etc.
  • Practice good hygiene, wash hands frequently, sneeze or cough into the elbow.
  • Do not have team water bottles and do not share water bottles, towels, etc.
  • Athletes should arrive in swim suit and depart without changing if possible.
  • The facilities will design incoming and outgoing directional patterns for teams and spectators.
  • Coaches should keep pre and post-game team meetings brief, preferably ten minutes or less, and face coverings must be worn by athletes and coaches during team meetings.
  • Teams must bring their own warm up balls and are not allowed to be shared with other clubs.
  • Team caps can be provided upon request.
  • Spectators will be limited to up to two per player for games.
  •  The scoring table must be limited to a maximum of three workers, must physical distance as much as possible, and everyone must wear a mask.
  • When rosters/photo ID’s are checked, athletes, coaches, and officials must wear a mask (the person checking the photos will ask for the mask to be lowered momentarily).
  • Teams will not be allowed to shake hands, high five, etc. before or after games. Teams should give a cheer for the other team after the game and leave their bench area without walking past the other team.
  • Rosters will be limited to 8 athletes so that not more than 4 athletes are on the bench.
  • Teams will not change defensive end during a game (white caps to the table’s left).
  • Coaches are expected to ensure their athletes follow these guidelines at all times.


The league staff and organizing bodies are not liable for any incurred travel cost.  Every effort will be made to create a safe atmosphere for water polo while recognizing many elements that are beyond our control.  In an event of cancelation, the league organizers would work to return fees associated with the production of the event.