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Strength & Condtioning

Registration Information

Please click this link to register for the winter conditioning program at SLC Strength and Conditioning.  

Use the coupon code "2019OLYWPTEAM" in place of the payment information.

Payment will be collected through our SportsEngine site.

All athletes will need to have a signed liability waiver before participating in training.   Download here.


Scroll down for detailed registration instructions. 

SLC S & C Registration Instructions

Please have parents/guardians follow the instructions below using this link:


  1. Scroll to the bottom and select the Team Training Membership you'd like your athlete to participate in (choose Basic for one time per week or Elite for two times per week):

2. Check the 'yes' box next to the question, "Are you the guardian of participant?" and complete the form accordingly:

3. Click 'Continue'

4. You will be guided through the rest of the enrollment process, please sign and complete all forms:


If anyone has any questions, please have them reach out to me directly as I'm happy to help!








Kristy Pizza

Business Administration & Operations | SLC Strength & Conditioning, LLC

3232 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Office: 801.810.0373 | Mobile: 801.755.7768 | Facility: 801.466.4744 |


Strength & Conditioning Overview

What a fantastic fall season!  We accomplished a lot and had a great time.  Thanks to everyone for the work and commitment to the team.  I was so proud of each team and every athlete. 


Time to turn to the off-season and 2020.  Obviously, I hope we all recognize that we want to continue to have success at the local level.  I would also like to focus on accepting challenges at regional and national tournaments.  I know we have the talent and ethic to continue to develop athletes and teams to be successful. 


One KEY way to make that next leap is to focus on strengthening and conditioning (the expectation to swim is also there for winter).  We have been diligently working with our groups to train before practice and we have seen excellent results in core strength, body awareness and confidence.  We are ready to take that to the next level as a group.


I am excited to announce that we have partnered with SLC Strength & Conditioning (3232 S. Highland Drive) for a safe, convenient experience with well-trained coaches. 


SLC Strength and Conditioning is owned and operated by Steve and Kristy Pizza.  SLC S&C coaches have extensive experience developing athletes at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional level with notable success in teams finishing top 5 in their conferences. More specifically, Steve has had huge success as the strength and conditioning coach for the University of Hawaii water polo teams.  Working with Steve, U of H increased their ranking from last place in the Big West conference to winning the conference and ranking 4th and 5th in the National Championship. All programming that will be implemented with Olympus Water Polo will be similar to what was implemented at Hawaii and will be customized by age and ability that will progress with the team. 


I am sure you will have a lot of questions.  We have set up an initial, no-obligation meet and greet Wednesday, November 6th at 5pm at SLC S & C to discuss what this will look like.  Some highlights - We will have the facility reserved for our water polo teams at the given times.  Athletes will always be under the professional supervision of the trainer and on task. We will work out as a team. Athletes will have the flexibility to choose what program works best for them.  One or two supervised workouts a week plus the possibility to upgrade to get access for additional supervised training. 


We will also be offering a “Youth Development” workout for athletes that are 12-14 that want to develop great strength habits. 

  • Parent-Athlete Meet-up: Wednesday, November 6 at 5:00 pm (downstairs)
  • Team Training will begin the week of November 11. Schedule is as follows:
    • Men's:
      • Varsity Team Training (Elite Package): M and W at 4:00 pm
      • JV Team Training (Basic Package): M or W at 4:00 pm
    • Women's:
      • Varsity Team Training (Elite Package): T and TH at 4:00 pm
      • JV Team Training (Basic Package): T or TH at 4:00 pm
    • Youth Development Team Training (Basic Package): Sat at 7:00 am or 10:30 am (still need to confirm the time).

The timing and training will be designed to complement the current swimming season. I have attached a flyer with more information, photos and pricing.  The pricing is very competitive, and I can’t wait to see the results and the confidence in all the athletes.  This training is optional, but it is an incredible investment in athleticism and will carry with them for the rest of their lives. 

Check out the following YouTube Videos.

  1. Maggie Steffens shares her thoughts about strength and conditioning specifically for our athletes.  Click here.
  2. Some back ground and insights from Steve Pizza at SLC S & C. Click here.
  3. A quick clip from Sun Devil water polo in the weight room.  Coached by Todd Clapper who has run several clinics for us in the past.  Click here.

As always, check it out, ask questions and I will see you Wednesday at SLC Strength and Conditioning at 5pm.  It is no cost and no obligation.