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Week of 4/8/2019

Week of 4/8

Athletes and Parents-

Sorry this is behind schedule, apparently 30 games in a week takes a toll on the personal and professional life.  Had to get caught back up.  But here we are! 

Lot’s of important information! Be sure to read it all!

Spring Break Contest

Shout out to Clark Sierer for winning the Spring Break Social Media Contest.  Throwing down the flex in the desert has earned him a brand new KAP7 game ball!


Thanks to everyone for getting oranges and grapefruit picked up on a timely manner. 


Heidi has been the huge job of reconciling everyone accounts.  You will get or have received an email in your SportsEngine account.  STOP.  DON’T FREAK OUT.  We are adding everything owed first.  You don’t need to call/text/email/telegraph/send a pigeon to Heidi or Melissa that you have paid that.  We know, Heidi will add the payments as part two.  When payments have been added and it is reconciled then we will ask to get everyone caught up on what is still owed.  Thanks!!

Practice This week

Monday – Regular schedule

6-7:30 ALL 10U and 12Us at Olympus

6:00 – 8:00 – Senior Women

6:30-7 – Senior Men Mindset Monday

7-9 – Senior Men



6-7:30 ALL 10U and 12Us not playing games at Kearns

6:00 – 8:00 – Senior Women

7-9 – Senior Men


Wednesday 3/27

6-7:30 ALL 10U and 12Us at Olympus

6:00-8:00pm Senior Women

7-9 – Senior Men


Thursday 3/28

6-7:30 ALL 10U and 12Us at Olympus

6:00-8:00pm Senior Women

7-9 – Senior Men


Friday 3/29

No practice – Coaches in California with Senior Men and Women at KAP7 tournament in Irvine. 


Games this week!

Please click here to sign up to help us with home games table.  

Please note you can view the current age group team schedules and assigned rosters here for the season (also available on front page of website):

10U Game Schedule

12U Games Schedule

14U Games Schedule












6:30 PM








7:15 PM


Captain Marvel






8:00 PM


Vision/Black Panther












April 13-14 – VAR Men and Women/ JV Men – K7 Cup – Irvine CA


Junior Olympics

Coach Alexis and I are actively planning USAWP Junior Olympics rosters.  JOs is scheduled for July.

Click here to let us know if you are interested in attending.  (IF you have don’t this, don’t do it again.)

Click here for more information about USAWP JOs in Southern CA in July

IMPN Personal Fundraiser

With our athletes growing and training constantly, their bodies are pulling double duty. Our children have constant demands put on them; school, work, training, games... and life.


Olympus Aquatics has partnered with Utah based IM Performance Nutrition, "IMPN" a local Sports Nutrition Company that has formulated products specifically for developing athletes of all ages. You have probably seen these products pool side at Olympus and on travel trips with the team at games and tournaments.  Tony Azevedo was introduced to IMPN through our club, now Tony is a brand sponsor for IMPN and their product is used pool side at all of Tony’s events around the world.  As a 5 time Olympian and friend of our program, this is an outstanding endorsement to the quality of this product. 


Here is the opportunity – For all product that you sell or order, IMPN will kick back 50% of all sales to Olympus Aquatics to be used as credit for YOUR family to any program Olympus offers, Summer programs, swim team, masters, swim training, splashball, tournament fees…  anything.  This window will begin Monday April 8th and close Monday April 22nd.


You can buy for your own use or sell it to your friends that want to see great performance gains. 


IMPN is a STIMULANT FREE product with NO dyes, NO caffeine, and NO harmful chemicals. These is nutrition with natural and naturally derived sweeteners that have been formulated to provide superior nutrition without preservatives. IM Performance provides energy and nutrients before, during and after athletic activities.  As coaches, we constantly talk about taking care of our bodies and giving ourselves every advantage. 


Social media assets will be provided to use to post on your accounts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Orders placed locally will be delivered to Olympus pool for distribution. You will be notified when your order will be ready for pick up. Orders placed from outside the Olympus area will be delivered to their homes. We will have a table at Olympus at games on Tuesday and practice on Wednesday with all the drinks prepared to sample for athletes and parents.


Here are the ordering instructions and pricing for products:


PRE-TRAINING         $50.00

RACE & GAME TIME  $50.00

RECOVERY               $50.00


1- Go to

2- Create an account with an email and password.

3- Choose your products and add them to your cart.

4- Select "Fundraiser" on the shipping option. 

5- Add your Team name and the first and last name of the child who will receive credit in the "Additional information" box.

6- Please do not use discount codes or offers that may be current promotions online, this will reduce the credit you will receive back to your athlete.

7- Add your payment information for order processing and you will receive an email confirmation of your order.

8- If you have any questions on the ordering process, please contact Andrea Dailey-Lambson at 949-463-6268.


Never hesitate with questions!

Best regards,


Olympus Aquatics Water Polo Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Olympus Aquatics Water Polo?

Sponsored by IM Performance Nutrition

IM Performance Nutrition

Visit Website

Rethink your relationship with nutrition.  Water Polo. Fuel. Repeat.

Sponsored by USA Water Polo

USA Water Polo

Visit Website

Supporting the growth of Water Polo across America. Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a proud member club of USA Water Polo.

Sponsored by Utah High School Water Polo Association

Utah High School Water Polo Association

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Working to create quality play opportunities for water polo athletes in Utah.