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Orange Fundraiser

2022 Oranges!

Let's get to work selling oranges!


Our goal is to sell 1500 cases of Oranges this year!!

How it works...

1) Athlete goes and sells as many oranges they can to cover their dues, tournament and travel commitment for 2022.  Use the 2022 Order Tracker to stay organized.

2) Turn in the 2022 Order Form for each of the 3 orders with ONE check or Venmo to cover all of your cases.  You collect the money from your buyers and turn it in by each order date. 

3) Only give your orders and checks (or Venmo - @Olympus-Aquatics) to Melissa Stringham or Thierry Robinson.  Do not give to any coach on or off deck.   They will be coordinating drop off times leading up to each order. 

First order due January 24th.  Delivery will be the following week. 

Order two and three is still to be determined by the grower. 

4) Truck will deliver oranges to Coach Shawn's house and you will come pick them up and deliver them to your customers. 

5) Indulge in best citrus of all time all while avoiding any cases of scurvy.