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2020 Spring Dues & Obligations

When considering season payments, you may choose to pay cash for all obligations, do fundraising to cover everything, or to do a mix of the two. The fundraising obligation is a cash amount. If you choose to sell citrus, please be aware that each case sells for $45/case, $25 of which will go towards your fundraising obligation.  If you sell more than the listed obligation, the additional can be applied towards season dues or tournament fees.

2020 Spring Athlete Obligations and Fundraising Opportunities

2020 Spring Athlete Obligation: Dues Fundraising Total
7th-12th Grade $250 $300 $550
6th Grade (12U) and Under $200 $200 $400
Splashball (10U) $25 $0 $25
Cases of Oranges to Cover: Dues Fundraising Total
7th-12th Grade 10 12 22
6th Grade and Under 8 8 16
Splashball (10U) 1 0 1
Tournament Fees: Dues Cases of Oranges to Cover:
2020 KAP7 $175 7
2020 Junior Olympics $600 24

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Scholarship opportunities are available. Please contact Shawn Stringham or Heidi Hall for more information


All athlete must have a minimum of a Bronze Membership ($35) with USA WATER POLO to participate in practices and games. 

Please JOIN or RENEW you membership by clicking this link.