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2020 Membership Fundraiser - Cookies!



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Order Link for dough and to personalize sandals, towels and socks coming soon!

2020 Membership Drive Fundraiser

For nearly 10 years the Olympus Water Polo team has been expanding, changing and growing. What an impressive team we have become.

Our water polo team has achieved much, thanks to many families, coaches and our hard-working athletes.

We would like your help get ready for 2020.  It is going to be an epic year!   Planning is well underway for local leagues, tournaments, clinics, Olympians and club and athlete development. We want to make sure everyone has a chance to participate. 

Did you know that in 2020 we plan to host two regional/national tournaments, plan to travel to Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California for tournaments, plan to continue our partnerships with Tony and Maggie and 6-8 Sports, and hope to sponsor a couple of new leagues?  And, of course continue to develop strong and amazing athletes to play at all levels of the sport. 

One of our key goals is for families to have many opportunities to participate without breaking the bank.  It is time for everyone to renew their USA Water Polo membership.  This is the key to get started with the fun for 2020.  We wanted to provide a way for you to earn money to renew a membership AND support the club planning process, and of course, get some killer gear…

If you plan to travel, go to Junior Olympics, or participate in the Olympic Development Program (ODP), you need a GOLD membership ($120).  If you plan to only play locally (Spring and Fall Leagues), you will need a BRONZE membership ($40).  If you earn money through this membership drive, the club will pay for your membership.  All you will have to do is log-in and accept the waivers - and did we mention the cool gear?

This is how it works; if you sell at the following levels you can:

  • Pay for your USA Water Polo membership for next year
  • Get holiday gifts for friends, families, neighbors, colleagues and those last-minute holiday parties
  • Get exclusive water polo gear for the next season
  • Help the club prepare for an amazing season next year!

We will be selling “thaw and serve” 3.5 inch chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle cookies. Buy some for your holiday gifts or sell them to your friends and family for their gifts! Please consider participating in this fundraiser to help us further this great program, WE NEED YOU!! You make the difference!

Reward Total Cookie Sales        Reward Total Cookie Sales
BRONZE USAWP Membership $150   GOLD USAWP Membership $250
Bronze + OAWP Socks $175   Gold+ OAWP Socks $275
Bronze+ OAWP Socks + Sliders $210   Gold+ OAWP Socks +Sliders $310
Brozne + OAWP Socks + Sliders+Towel $280   Gold+ OAWP Socks +Sliders+Towel $380


We will provide Cookies and festive bags for delivery. Cookies are commercially produced, frozen and then ready to thaw and eat!.  Coach Shawn loves cookies….


Friend box     $5     Four cookies

Family box     $15   One dozen cookies

Party box       $38   Thirty cookies

Cookie fundraiser begins Monday November 25th with an order deadline of December 5th .  We hope to have cookies available during the order window with final delivery available on December 10th. 

You will collect all the money and provide one Venmo Payment.  An order link for cookies and sandal, towel and socks will be out shortly.  Starting talking about cookies!

Don’t worry, oranges are coming too.  Ohhh… can’t wait.