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Weekly Update 3/18-30

Follow all the detailed information you need to be successful this week!

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Varstiy, JV, 14U, 12U, 10U

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Contact Us Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Contact Us Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

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Phone: 801-918-5021

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Water Polo. Fuel. Repeat.

IM Performance Nutrition

To train and perform at the highest level, elite athletes take their fuel just as seriously as their workout.  

Be ready.  Use the best.


50% of all costs kick back directly to Olympus.  Check out the flyer, use the Coupon Code:  OLYMPUS

Coupon Code: OLYMPUS

Click Image to order the TAP!

Mental Grit

Ready to take it to he next level?  Let's get serious about mental training and preparation.  

The TAP Assessment + Initial Meet

The Performance Profile is a combination of an online assessment using the TAP assessment tool and an onsite/online in-person meeting analysis of athletic mental performance attributes.

NOTE: The TAP assessment must be completed before our initial meeting!

The profile will provide the following:

  1. A comprehensive athlete type – psychological performance profile report providing self-awareness of psychological assets and opportunities.
  2. Coaches report that can be sent to the athletes’ coach to help them understand exactly how they can coach the athlete most effectively.
  3. parent report to help the parents of the athlete understand their athletes’ psychology and enable them to support the athlete more effectively in athletic endeavor.

NOTE: No matter if the athlete continues with 1 to 1 training they will always have this as a supporting asset in their training. This is highly recommended by parents, coaches, and athletes alike!


Use Coupon Code: OLYPOLO90 to save 40% off!

That is a lot of oranges!

Oranges are back!

THE BEST California Oranges will be back for 2019!

Second Order is now Due March 11th

Second Order delivery will be March 27th!

Tony Azevedo-

"Any sport is good training for polo, but the best is obviously swimming. Swimming is the most important thing for water polo, because just like any other sport, the faster you are the easier it is. I competed in swimming, basketball and baseball as a child, but water polo was just too much fun."

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is part of the Olympus Aquatics family of programs (USA Swimming Swim Team, US Masters Swim Team, Sea Monkey and Swim Training developmental Swim Teams) and a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based out of Salt Lake City, Utah working to support the mission of developing an aquatic lifestyle in our community.  During the Spring High School Season we play in the Utah High School Water Polo Association League.  We play and practice at Olympus High School.  Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a year round club welcoming ALL athletes of ALL ages to come learn and play the game we love.  We regularly travel outside of Utah for tournaments and clinics and look forward to competing at USAWP Junior Olympics every year.  #GoOlympus

Parent Portal

Stay in the know! For more details on rosters, schedules, carpooling, and snack/volunteer needs, log into the Parent Portal.


Olympus Aquatics Water Polo Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Olympus Aquatics Water Polo?

Sponsored by IM Performance Nutrition

IM Performance Nutrition

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Rethink your relationship with nutrition.  Water Polo. Fuel. Repeat.

Sponsored by USA Water Polo

USA Water Polo

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Supporting the growth of Water Polo across America. Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a proud member club of USA Water Polo.

Sponsored by Utah High School Water Polo Association

Utah High School Water Polo Association

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Working to create quality play opportunities for water polo athletes in Utah.