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2018 Junior Varsity State Champions!

Summer Fundraiser!

Summer is here and it's time to get that sunscreen out! But not just any sunscreen - make the switch to TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen, USA Water Polo's official sunscreen!  Here's a few reasons why we are so excited about it:

  1. It really works! TropicSport is made for extreme water sports like water polo and surfing.  It doesn't sting or run into your eyes. Easy to apply and smells great! USAWP wouldn't have chosen it, if it didn't work.
  2. It's eco-friendly made with natural minerals that you know and can pronounce. - non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead of toxic chemicals like oxybenzone, a chemical proven to destroys reefs. Look at the label of your current sunscreen - does it have oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene, avobenzone, homosalate? If it does, make the switch!  These chemicals are not only harmful to reefs and marine life, but also are hormone disruptors for humans, especially when worn in chlorinated pools.  If it kills the reefs, imagine what it can do to you!  
  3. It's a great fundraiser for OAWP!  For each and every purchase, TropicSport gives back 20% to our club!!!

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2018 Summer Water Polo

Are you new to water polo or anxious to get back in the water after an awesome spring season? Get ready for the 2018 Summer of Strength!  Sessions available for both new and veteran players 8 to 18. New players will learn the sport in a fun, casual atmosphere while veteran players will focus on getting stronger and ready to play the game at a higher level.  Our goal is to improve our physical strength and of course our swim strength.


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Parent Portal

Stay in the know! For more details on rosters, schedules, carpooling, and snack/volunteer needs, log into the Parent Portal.

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is part of the Olympus Aquatics family of programs (USA Swimming Swim Team, US Masters Swim Team, Sea Monkey developmental Swim Team) and a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based out of Salt Lake City, Utah working to support the mission of developing an aquatic lifestyle in our community.  You might know us as SkOly Water Polo as we have traditionally combined rival schools Skyline and Olympus to compete in the Utah High School Water Polo Association League.  We play and practice at Olympus High School.  Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a year round club welcoming ALL athletes of ALL ages to come learn and play the game we love.  We regularly travel outside of Utah for tournaments and clinics and look forward to competing at USAWP Junior Olympics every year.  #skolypolo

2018 USAWP Junior Olympics


Mental Grit

Ready to take it to he next level?  Book a free 45 minute mental skills session with Nate.  Book now!

Contact Us Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Contact Us Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

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Phone: 801-918-5021

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Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

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For Water Polo Players, By Water Polo Players.  A proud sponsor of Olympus Aquatics Water Polo. 

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Supporting the growth of Water Polo across America. Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a proud member club of USA Water Polo.

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Working to create quality play opportunities for water polo athletes in Utah.