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2020 Orange Fundraiser!

Time to get selling!

3 deliveries - January 31,  Feb- TBD and March - TBD


Your key priorities for winter off season:

1) Swim - Participate in HS swim, swim training or Orca's.

2) Strengthen - Create enhance range of motion, flexibility and injury prevention.

3) Throw - Play catch, use a rebounder be perfect in your technique.

Contact Us Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Contact Us Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Let us know if you want to play!

Phone: 801-918-5021

Orca (Sea Monkeys) & Swim Training Registration

Time to get in the pool for the fall and winter to work on you swim speed and endurance.  

More information and Registration links here!

SLC Strength & Conditioning

Check out our new partner SLC S & C.  Find the right plan for you to develop your athleticism. 

Details and Registration here.


2019 Utah Fall League Results

2019 Men's 18U Gold Fall Champions!

2019 18U Gold Women 2nd Place!

2019 18U Gold Women 2nd Place!

18U Silver Men and Women win 4th and 3rd place!

12U Gold Nemesis and Artemis play each other in Championship final!

12U Silver Hermes win the Championship!

10U Splashball and Gold Oly Nike

14U Gold teams Ares and Apollo finish 5th and 6th!

14U Silver Oly Hades wins the Championship!

Congratulations to our 2019 USAWP Junior Olympic Water Polo Teams!

18U Men - Championship Division

16U Men - Championship Division

18U Women - Classic Division

14U Men - Classic Division

16U Women - Championship Division

12U Men - Championship Division!

14U Women - Classic Division

Congratulations to our Utah Spring Water Polo League Athletes!

2019 JV Boys - 3rd place finish!

Congratulations on a great season for both the Men's and Women's JV teams!

14U Utah State Champions!

Congratulations to our Women's Varsity Team!

12U Utah State Champions!

Congratulations to our Men's Varsity Team!

10U Utah State 3rd Place!

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is part of the Olympus Aquatics family of programs (USA Swimming Swim Team, US Masters Swim Team, Sea Monkey and Swim Training developmental Swim Teams) and a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based out of Salt Lake City, Utah working to support the mission of developing an aquatic lifestyle in our community.  During the Spring High School Season we play in the Utah High School Water Polo Association League.  We play and practice at Olympus High School.  Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a year round club welcoming ALL athletes of ALL ages to come learn and play the game we love.  We regularly travel outside of Utah for tournaments and clinics and look forward to competing at USAWP Junior Olympics every year.  #GoOlympus

Olympus Aquatics Water Polo Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Olympus Aquatics Water Polo?

Sponsored by IM Performance Nutrition

IM Performance Nutrition

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Rethink your relationship with nutrition.  Water Polo. Fuel. Repeat.

Sponsored by USA Water Polo

USA Water Polo

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Supporting the growth of Water Polo across America. Olympus Aquatics Water Polo is a proud member club of USA Water Polo.

Sponsored by Utah High School Water Polo Association

Utah High School Water Polo Association

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Working to create quality play opportunities for water polo athletes in Utah.